Prince William Probably Won’t Be Prince Harry’s Best Man And Here’s Why!

January 11, 2018 Stories


As the Royal Wedding at Buckingham Palace is approaching there are many royal rules that are coming to light. People around the world are interested in every detail to this big event.
According to royal tradition Prince William is not allowed to be Prince Harry’s best man. In Britain there is no such thing as the best man. They are referred to as official supporters. They still complete all the jobs that the best man is responsible for.

Prince William will help out with the wedding as well as prepare stag weekend. This is the same as preparing a bachelor party.

Meghan will be able to select her own maid of honor. Kate Middleton selected her sister Pippa Middleton. Now the world is waiting to see who Meghan will choose.

There is one thing that people are looking forward to. Prince George and Princess Charlotte will be featured in the wedding that will take place at St. George’s Chapel at Windsor Castle in the month of May. Every human and even some dogs around the world will take notice of the royal wedding.

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