Tiny bear cub is too weak to cross the road with his family, then this cop does something amazing to help him

June 14, 2017 More


If you enjoy cute animal videos then you will love “Please Bear With Us.” A police officer stops traffic in order to help a family of bears cross the street. However, this family keeps going back and forth. It turns out that one of the baby bears simply could not keep up, so he stayed on the other side of the road. The mama bear was so concerned for her little one that she kept crossing back to encourage him to follow. Of course all the baby bear’s brothers and sisters followed the mama bear, so back and forth they went. Eventually the family of bears needed to move on, so the baby bear was sent to a rehab facility in order to get strong enough to live with the other bears. He will soon be released into the wild to join his family. We are sure that his mom can’t wait to see him.

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