Their Sick Dog Suddenly Died. 4 Weeks Later, They Welcomed 2 Dogs into Their Lives

November 10, 2017 Dogs


Kari Ceicys and her husband Ian are a couple with a heart for DOGs. Their first pet Sadie had been rescued from a litter that was abandoned in New Orleans. It was hard for their pet at first because the DOG had so many injuries. This was probably because the DOG had been used as a bait dog.

Kari and Ian centered their entire home around Sadie. One day, the DOG was having difficulty breathing when fetching the ball. The couple took the DOG to the nearest vet where a tumor was discovered. Unfortunately though, Sadie passed away before the DOG could be ushered into operation.

Kari and Ian were left bereft with a large hole in their home. About four weeks later, the couple heard from Second Chance Rescuer in New York City that two more DOGs were in need of a home.

The DOGs had been starved so they were just skin and bones when the couple first got them. They named the pair Dexter and Rita.

Dexter and Rita had gotten a lot of social media attention. The rescue center wanted to make sure that they both got a good home. Kari and Ian were ideal candidates because they had rescued and loved a DOG before that had not had an ideal past.

Dexter and Rita, even though malnourished, were so loving to to the couple. And the couple really felt that it was meant to be that the DOGs returned with them to their forever home. They had made such a good life for Sadie, and they knew that this pair would also have that same kind of care.

Finally, the pair of DOGs were ready to leave the vet because they had finally gotten healthy enough. And the rest of their future looks bright with Kari and Ian.

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