Sister Is About to Graduate, Sobs in Happy Tears When a Familiar Face Walks to The Stage

January 11, 2018 Stories


This graduation ceremony was unlike any other, the high school student is getting more than just a diploma. Miranda’s about to get the best surprise of her life and it is going to be from the least likely of people.

Her older brother Derek was an airman visiting Miranda for her graduation ceremony. Once the band had played the National Anthem, he delightedly presented the special gift he’d gotten for her graduation. Right there in front of everyone in the auditorium:

“Good evening everyone. I would like to invite you to join me for the Pledge of Allegiance!”

Raising their right hands the graduates proceeded to recite. Sitting in the second row was Miranda trying hard to hold back her sobs of happiness. After Derek asked everybody to please be seated, his sister ran up and gave him a great, big hug. The entire auditorium of graduates presented them with a standing ovation!

When our loved one’s proceed on to college or to join the military, they leave behind a void which cannot be filled. Even though we know in our hearts that they’ll eventually be returning back home to us, it still doesn’t make things any easier. That’s probably why so many homecoming videos are floating around the internet. After all, it’s truly a miracle when they finally come safely back home to their family, friends and loved one’s!

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