She wakes up to pet goat warning her of something very dangerous. Lucky girl

August 20, 2017 More


A young lady who received a goat for her last birthday a few days before a house fire burned her home is very lucky. Her goat saved her life, and the lives of her family, too, when a fire broke out in the garage. Of course, the goat couldn’t put out the fire, but his quick bleating saved a great deal of the family home from complete and total destruction.

Animals of all kinds are capable of understanding that there is danger in certain situations. Other animals, mainly pets, have been known to do this same thing and save the lives of their human companions. Fire is not the only hazard, of course. Intruders are the most common threat and they are known to easily be scared away by a barking dog. Cats have been known to save their owners from harm, as well.

After he woke the girl up, she ran and woke her father up. After the family and the goat were safely out of the burning home and firefighters put out the blazing interior, the new pet was touted as a hero.

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