She Breastfed a Puppy and Got Her Egg Fertilized By Another Dog – Won Prestigious Art Prize

November 10, 2017 Dogs


A Slovenian master artist wanted to stimulate her body to produce breast milk for feeding a puppy, before starting on her next work of art.
Taking an egg from her own body and combining it with the fat cells from a dog, she wanted to recreate the IVF process.
Using the fat cell from the dog, unfortunately, since she did not use any dog sperm, there was no hope of successfully creating an embryo with her egg. Which would’ve been next to impossible, even if she’d used a sexual cell of a dog.

Although it was an unusual form of art, she was presented with the (Golden Nica) award at Prix Ars Electronica located in Austria. Proving just how much the art critics loved her artwork.

A statement made by the jury claimed the K-9 artwork topology generating a stir of various emotions. That the project conjured up controversy with its explicitness, almost getting it thrown out altogether.

Taking the award winning artwork into consideration, realized the importance of following routine procedures. Especially since this particular piece of art went through a thorough investigation, which went through foursuccessional projects over a period of three years.

Laying naked beside her dogs, Smrekar would videotape herself breastfeeding them while proceeding with the fertilization process. If you ask me, it sounds quite NSFW.

Posting on her website, the artist is quoted saying, (My intention was that of contemporary bio-political practices through my observations as a zeitgeist.

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