Severely Abused Dog Has Never Felt a Human Touch Before. Her Incredible Transformation Will Bring you To Tears

October 10, 2017 Dogs


Warning! Do not attempt what you’re about to watch.

A look inside a rehab facility gives light on dog redemption. Oftentimes, animals that are deemed dangerous are merely cautious and untrusting. Either they’ve been neglected, abused, and at times never touched by humans.

Elsa is one such dog who was saved from a terrifying hoarding case. Part of rehabilitation efforts had a canine massage therapist reach out to the animal. Primarily, a dog collar and leash was put on the rescue dog. The licensed professional then started massaging Elsa to gain her trust. The dog’s eyes and rigid posture evidently showed her cautiousness, but it’s amazing how some TLC can make a difference.

Slowly, the therapist worked her way through and eventually removed the towel barrier, only to reveal and leave her hands unprotected. For the first time in her life, Elsa experienced human touch and her life was never the same!

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