Picture of Cop Sleeping With K-9 Partner Hand-in-hand During Storm is Touching Everyone’s Heart

September 30, 2017 Dogs


Hurricane Irma bought more devastation to Florida than has been seen in some time. Most people were able to be evacuated before the storm actually hit but there were still people who had not had the chance to escape that needed to be rescued.

In times like this all of the emergency services pull together. This cop that you can see taking the nap had been working relentlessly alongside his colleagues to rescue as many people as possible. When he finally got the chance to get a little sleep then the took it.

If you look closely at the picture though you will see that there is much more to it than just the cop having a nap. Working at his side all night was his police dog and he was just as tired as his handler. The cop and the dog were both equally as brave that night as each other and when they both got the chance for some rest, they fell asleep hand in paw proving what just how strong their bond really is.

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