Monsters attacked her with acid, but this wasn’t enough to stop her determination

July 1, 2017 Dogs


I have never known that someone can decide to be so cruel but happens. The dog in the video below was got third degree burns when someone decided to burn it with an acid. We do not know what it did to them but it was found on the street in the morning writhing with pain. It needed immediate medical attention and the good news is that it got exactly that. Rescuers took it to the vets for an emergency treatment where the vets sedated it first.
The vest cleaned the wounds to remove any residue acid, and dressed up so help it start the recovery process. Every day for six months, the vets cleaned the wounds and dressed it up. It definitely will never forget the person who did it that grave bodily harm. We just hope that the love it received after that will count more than the hate. It’s now healthy and has recovered from its wounds.

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