Man Plays Tag With His Dog – Dog’s Entusiastic Reaction is Melting Everyone’s Hearts

February 22, 2018 Dogs


You’ve heard the common phrase “boys will be boys.” But, what exactly does this quote mean? Is it about wrestling in the mud? How about doing some mischief? What about chasing someone or something around a given post tirelessly for hours? Well, this is what this young man does with his German shepherd, and age doesn’t seem to have caught up with them.

You’ve also heard that every kid who grows up with a dog is fortunate. But to be fair, everyone is fortunate to spend a portion of their life with any pet. Whether it’s a dog, a cat, a reptile or fish, they are all great confidants. They can keep your deepest and darkest secrets. This is what dear friends do.

However, when it comes to having fun in the outdoors, nothing is as exciting as running alongside your little bud. In fact, if you require a sold drive to keep fit, you should get a dog. Any dog, as long as it is not a bulldog, will keep you entertained. If possible, get a mutt as they are the best.

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