Mailman Experiences Series of Near-Death Moments While Making Christmas Delivery

January 7, 2018 Stories


A postal deliveryman in Oklahoma City experienced some holiday mayhem while attending to his duties this year. While delivering his route, the postal worker unexpectedly lost control of his mail truck, hit a mailbox, fell out of his vehicle, and was run over by the truck. Furthermore, the mail truck continued on after running over the mail carrier and crashed into the corner of a neighboring house.

One of the postal worker’s customers heard the commotion outside and ran to see what was happening. They managed to capture the chain of events on their home surveillance system.

Fortunately, the mail carrier had a few scrapes and bruises, but otherwise, he was not badly injured. He was also able to continue on with his route and act as Santa’s helper during the holiday season. The homeowner who had their house assaulted by the postal truck should seek out their neighbor for that surveillance footage. It will likely prove invaluable for their property and/or insurance claim.

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