Injured Dog Couldn’t Move After A Car Accident Then He Meets An Unlikely Friend

August 22, 2017 Dogs


When an animal is hit by a car, often it does not survive. When the injuries are serious, rehabilitation can be a long and painful process for the dog and the owner. It’s a great thing that the dog, named Lilach, had a feline buddy to help. For the first month, Lilach did not want to move, but if she didn’t she would not recover. So in came a cat friend to help motivate Lilach. Now they are great friends. There is a common misconception that dogs and cats are enemies, or that they can’t get along. With the right introduction, many cats and dogs become fast friends. They will play together, eat together and even sleep together. As animals can sense when another is in pain or in distress, they will often try to coach the other animal to get up and walk. In this case the cat must have known how much Lilach was in need of a friend.

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