Neighbor opens his door, sees toddler who’s been missing for 2 days has been protected by a pit bull

March 6, 2019 Dogs


Humans are pretty good at dealing with disasters. Police forces respond to crime and keep neighborhoods safe, while firefighters and paramedics ensure any accident results in minimal loss. Communities have a way of banding together when something hurts one of its own. But sometimes, a tragic situation requires a special touch.

In rural Kentucky, Beth Campbell’s lapse in judgment spurred a disaster that sent the entire town into a frenzy. Just when the optimistic community full of volunteers, firefighters, and other authorities were about to give up hope of solving the problem, an unexpected hero emerged from the fracas…

Beth Campbell of Lebanon Junction, Kentucky, struggled with drug addiction for years. So much so, in fact, that when tasked with watching her two-year-old granddaughter on June 7, 2018, she couldn’t help but sneak away for a fix.

Darcy Costello / Courier Journal

On that day, Charlee wore bright blue pajamas, peppered with pictures of characters from the animated film, Frozen, and, at about 10 a.m., during her grandmother’s moment of vulnerability, she wandered off from the property on Winding Hollow Lane.

Beth Campbell / Facebook

Adding more danger to the situation, the area around Beth’s home was not open, flat lands where you could spot a baby from two miles away: woods, fields, and hills flanked her property. Yet, unbelievably, the situation was even worse than it first appeared.

Charlee hadn’t been the only one to wander off the property on that hot June morning. Beth’s vivacious gray pit bull, Penny, had also wandered off the property. When Beth realized what was happening, she alerted the authorities immediately.

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