Heart-stopping Moment Speeding Corvette Jumps An Intersection And Nearly Crashes Into Other Cars

March 3, 2018 More


Ever encountered a mind-blowing situation in traffic? Well, we all know that the roads are for all kinds of drivers. Here is the driver who left all road users with their mouths wide open. This guy deserves a sort of recognition for going way over the speedometer and putting his life and that of innocent passengers in danger. Moreover, he should be praised for being quite lucky to speed through the risky intersection at a high speed without causing accidents. However, the driver behind the wheels is commentating the whole drama just waiting for the worst to happen.

The Corvette driver goes past all the vehicles recklessly, and successfully gets past an intersection. He even goes over a bump at this speed, and he is a couple of seconds to start flying. This dramatic driver manages to keep the car in control behind the wheel. The driver does not miss his wheels, and he even accelerates the Corvette and vanishes into the traffic.

What I am sure of is that this is the luckiest driver this week. He gets away with such a crazy drive in a congested traffic overlapping other vehicles. That was a miraculous drive.

Thanks to the dash cam that captures the footage of Corvette ZR1 driving crazily, and almost crashing into other vehicles. So reckless!

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