He Notices Something Strange Under The Frozen Pool – Can’t Believe His Eyes When He Breaks The Ice

February 16, 2018 Stories


No one likes a cold winter unless you embrace the cold weather, the snow and ice. Northerners must prepare for winter especially when the temperature is well below freezing. The rivers and lakes freeze over and water in pools also freeze solid. Especially cold winters will cause the ice to form early and become as much as twelve inches thick or even more on lakes, rivers and your backyard pool.

Maintaining a warm house is paramount. If the furnace stops working, the water in the pipes can freeze breaking the pipes open and causing water to leak everywhere. With every home drawing huge amounts of power from the electrical system, transformers and transmission wires can be overloaded causing them to fail, plunging everyone in darkness, not to mention no power to heat their homes.

One homeowner was gazing through the window of his home with his dog by his side and thought he saw something under the ice in his backyard pool. He had to see what was under the ice and he decided to make a video of it while he was chopping through the ice. The only way to break ice is to use an ice pick or a chainsaw. Not having a chainsaw available to him he starting chopping the ice with the ice pick to see what was under the frozen ice of his pool.

It took him a while to break through the ice. It was several inches thick and he was actually afraid he might fall into the pool and go for a polar swim. Eventually he broke through the ice and was able to see what was floating just under the frozen ice he had just removed.

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