These Dogs Tried Their Best. But Their Epic Fails Are Actually Adorable

October 13, 2017 Dogs


Most of us have at one time or the other failed in something even after trying our best. To the optimistic, this is an opportunity to learn vital lessons, but the pessimist gives up. Watching this video clip, you will be amazed at how animals react in the face of failure. This video shows a number of dogs trying their best even when it is obvious that they cannot make it. I am particularly thrilled by the dog that is trying to move yet it is tied down. The determination in this little dog is just amazing. The other dog chasing its collar believing it is after a source of food will leave you laughing.
Do not be quick to judge the folly of these innocent dogs. They are trying their best in the face of imminent failure. But come to think of it; sometimes we also try to do the impossible yet it is obvious to everyone except ourselves that we are up for failure.

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