Elderly dog with tragic past knows what it means love before passing away

August 23, 2017 Dogs


They Get Separated For Four Years, But When They Reunite, Something Happens
When it comes to our fallen soldiers, we accord them all the respect they deserve. We also have dogs that serve in the military. Parting with your furry friend can be as painful as parting with your kids.
In the recording below, we are going to watch the clip on the celebration of a life of U.S military dog, Cena, who served alongside U.S. Marine veteran Jeff DeYoung. Cena and DeYoung worked together in Afghanistan and kept each other warm during the cold nights.
However, DeYoung noticed Cena his front leg was not putting on weight and that his when his furry friend was diagnosed with bone cancer. DeYoung and Cena were together during both good and bad times.
The two were separated in 2010 and reunited again in 2014.
Cena was laid to rest on July 26th, 2017.

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