Dog’s every night routine for watching TV is probably the most adorable thing you’ll see today

July 2, 2017 Dogs


I am a lover of dogs and I know that dogs can do many things. However, I have never known that dogs can watch TV and enjoy it. However, that is what happened in this video, the dog is used to watching awesome clips from BBC’s nature channel. When the time comes to watch it, this dog gets agitated and nothing can calm it down unless the owner turns the TV ON. It then goes for its blanket so that it can sit down comfortably and watch the Planet Earth program.
That’s just awesome, I don’t know of any other animal that loves TV so much. Oh, wait, I have seen cows being shown a green field on a big screen to make them give out more milk. Apparently, that works better than simply feeding them while milking them. I guess animals just love seeing the natural world as much as we do!

What do you think?