Dog was stolen and put into cockfighting ring. 2 years later, owner sees her pic on news!

June 26, 2017 Dogs


Most people see dogs as animals that should be taking a beating, used as guard dogs, or just used for illegal street dogfight sports. They do not view them as animals that can be cared for just for the sake of being humane and enjoying the company for animals. What’s more is that these individuals capture dogs and use them for dogfights. It’s definitely a bad and cruel act towards dogs. Unfortunately, it’s hard to bring these people to answer for their charges because of the way they do it.
Therefore, you can imagine the pain when owners of the dog in this video after she got lost. They realized that some cruel people had been using her to train dogs. That means it had severe bite marks all over her face. The good news was they now they were never going to let get lost again. Initially, they had put out a $100 reward for those who would get the dog back for them, but no one showed up.

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