Man Reaches His Hand to 4-yr-old Puppy’s Paw – Overprotective Dad Immediately Brushes Him Aside

February 6, 2018 Dogs


Dogs are known universally as man’s best friend all over the world. They are always happy to see us when we come home and are ready to play or go for walk. They also have been known to protect their owners from other larger animals who are attacking. But what happens when a dog owner tries to take the last pup away from this puppy father?

The video shows a four year old golden retriever named Addie, protecting his last offspring from his owner. You see, this puppy father had a bad experience.

The last time his owner tried to shake hands with him, he removed several pups to be given away and adopted. He only has one left. Now he wants to protect this last puppy and prevent his owner from removing the pup. There is no way he is going to allow his offspring to shake paws with him or get even close.

The dog owner is talking to Addie, asking him to shake hands and grab the puppy’s paw. Addie is being very protective and presents his paw instead while gently pushing the puppy closer to his body for protection. This is puppy love in its truest form.

This video has caught the attention of social media and already has over ten million views. It was taken in Yantai City in eastern Shandong Province in China. Addie is now known all over the world and is an example of one time when love for his off spring is stronger than the link to his owner. He has become a star on the social media platforms with more views poring in.

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