She Never Knew How Her Dog Finds Always His Way Out of Yard Until She Spots Him on The Roof

December 1, 2017 Dogs


One dog named Bo, who is a poodle, is making headlines for his high-flying antics. Owner Kim Breeden initially didn’t catch on to Bo’s tricks when she would let him out until one time she caught him in the act when she was cooking dinner, let Bo out the back door and then proceeded to hear footsteps on the roof of their house until moments later Bo was patiently waiting at the front door to be let back in.

poodle dog roof funny

The question is, how does Bo do it? Well, according to Breeden, their house’s roof is short in the back than the front meaning Bo can easily hop up in one swift motion, scale the roof and then jump back down when he’s past the property’s fence. Furthermore, although Breeden has always trained Bo, who is the oldest, and her other dogs (three poodles) to stay in the yard, Bo seems to keep ignoring her rules and doing as he pleases which has resulted in Breeden paying extra attention to him ever since she first found out about his shenanigans.

poodle dog smart

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