Dirt Biker Loses Control of His Bike During Show.. The Next Seconds Are Leaving Everyone in Absolute Horror

January 26, 2018 Stories


Andre Villa, a 37-year-old extreme athlete, is a famous man on international FMX. He is well known for his numerous styles and greater tricks. After suffering several injuries, Villa abandoned his career of motocross in 2000. He would eventually turn semi-pro in freestyle skiing before going back to biking in 2000 and committing to FMX.Motivated by the desire to build what is perhaps the best FMX Park in Europe, Villa relocated from his home country Norway to Spain.

The 2008 competition in Poland would saw Villa breaking both of his legs while trying to discard his bike after a failed jump. In three years’ time in same Poland, he became a casualty of yet another injury after breaking his hip bone during training.Although Villa’s choice of sport is marred by consequences, some have not ended in injury.

In 2010 for instance, during the X-Games in Battersea Power Station, London, he lost control of his bike in one of the jumps opting a free dive into the beneath panicked spectators. This happened as he performed spectacular jumps across the course in Winds worth having misjudged takeoff at one of the ascents.

Villa discarded his bike from afar the onlookers while twisting his body to allow the armor on his suit shield his fall. In what seemed like an imminent major injury after going twenty feet in the air, he escaped unharmed alongside a panicked crowd.

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